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Send Winning Upwork Proposals and Find Your Ideal Jobs. Faster & Easier.

Spend less time applying and looking for jobs and more time doing what you love! Available on Chrome, Android and iOS

No credit card needed


Upwork proposal sending made easy


Be the first to apply for new jobs


Unlock your full earning potential


Install and start using in minutes.

WHAT IS PROPOS.LI? is proposal sending and
job search assistant on Upwork.

We spent over a decade sending proposals and looking for jobs on Upwork. As a result we created - tool that helps send better proposals and find ideal matching jobs faster.

Send winning proposals with one-click

Create and send winning proposals effortlessly with just one click, and stand out from the competition. Proposli helps you quickly customize professional proposals to match each client's unique needs, boosting your chances of securing more work and earning more money. Try our tools today and take your Upwork career to the next level!

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How will Proposli unlock your earning potential?


Apply for jobs on Upwork
with AI-Powered Auto-Proposals

ChatGPT AI generated Upwork proposal text will be automatically inserted by into the cover letter field.

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Be first to apply for new jobs by getting instant notifications

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to your dream job with our instant notifications delivered straight to your mobile or desktop.

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Save up to 12h per week. Send proposals with a single click

With the time saved, you could take on additional projects, work on new skills, or even take some well-deserved rest.


Use mobile apps to send proposals on the go

Send proposals on the go with lightning speed and ease. Combine it with mobile job notifications and you'll have the ultimate superpowers.

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Use winning proposal templates from expert Upworkers

Use proposal templates from expert Upworkers to showcase your skills, stand out, and win more projects on Upwork.


Hang out with like-minded freelancers and grow together

Connect with like-minded freelancers to grow professionally, stay motivated, and hold each other accountable for success.

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Made by Upworkers for Upworkers

Feeling worn out from spending so much time on proposals and looking for new jobs?

As expert vetted freelancers with over a decade of freelance experience, we know the feeling, which is why we created - a tool that helps us save time by streamlining the proposal process 🚀


In fact, nearly 80% of the job descriptions and screening questions we encounter require similar proposals, so we built to help us easily manage,  customize and send out high-quality proposals without having to start from scratch every time.


Not only will help you save time, but it will also notify you when new jobs matching your interests  are posted so you can be among the first to apply.


We think you'll love it ❤️ as much as we do!

What the community is saying

Pedro Patinha

Data Scientist

Up logo.png

Vitali Vysotski 

Quality Assurance Engineer

Up logo.png

Serhii Nazdrachov

Web Researcher

Up logo.png

Mustafa Hussain

User interface designer

I like because it saves me time when submitting proposals on Upwork. It just takes one click to submit a letter. There are also many templates to choose from. Additionally, it helps those with no experience writing good cover letters. It is definitely useful for me.

Up logo.png

Nowreen Amin

Software tester

This is my life-saving tool as a freelancer. '' is fantastic. It allows me to save my templates and reuse them immediately. There is no need to copy and paste. Nevertheless, has a good templates of its own. Many thanks.

Up logo.png

Uwemedimo Usa

Conversion Copywriter & Marketer

Up logo.png

Diego D

Translation and Transcription

After a week of using this extension I have to confess that it was something I needed. The time I was spending writing proposals I can now spend it in something more productive.

- reviewed on Chrome Store


Prabin L.

Graphic Designer

The best way to submit a proposal to the client in a professional way , saves a lot of time and allows you to choose multiple options. highly recommended.

- reviewed on Chrome Store


Rytis K.

Software engeneer

Saves a ton of time when submitting proposals

- reviewed on Chrome Store


Vinod R

Automation Specialist

An amazing extension for submitting proposals which saves our time. It makes everyone job quick and faster. Highly recommended.

- reviewed on Chrome Store


Ameer H.

QA Engeneer

A good, time saving and helpful extension. It can help people who have less writing skills and struggle to write something about their own self and their skills.

- reviewed on Chrome Store

unnamed (7)empty.png

Vasil D

Software engeneer

Guys! This is what I've been looking for to work on upwork all this time. Sending a cover letter has become quick and easy, and it has really increased the conversion of responses and contracts

- reviewed on Chrome Store

c17aSbtAiieRELVd3pKkkxVzF3ZGUV3e8gA69EvZPfsdXemTLRE9qL3v0YGcxtj4cp (1).webp

Taieb C.

Linux & AOSP developer

A good handy tool , making proposing to job posts much easier and faster.

- reviewed on Chrome Store


Ahsan A.

Technical Writer

A best extension for submitting proposals which gives you lots of ready made cover letters for hunting your loved one job on freelance platform. Saving much time and give relief to freelancers.

- reviewed on Chrome Store

Viktro 4.jpeg

Viktor T

Lead developer

Guys! This is what I've been looking for to work on upwork all this time. Sending a cover letter has become quick and easy, and it has really increased the conversion of responses and contracts

- reviewed on Chrome Store

Who is a perfect fit for? is a highly effective tool for all Upwork freelancers, including beginners and seasoned freelancers. Since submitting proposals and searching for the next project are common repetitive tasks on Upwork, streamlines the process for you. Whether you're just starting out or you've been freelancing for years, can help make your workflow smoother and more efficient. So, if you're looking for a tool to simplify your Upwork experience and save hours of repetitive work, Grab your Free Trial Today

Web Developers


Web/UI/UX Designers


Graphic Designers


Content Writers


Sales & Marketing


Admin Support


Accountants & Consultants




Everyone else

Save hours every week sending proposals and finding new jobs

Stop spending so much time doing repetitive tasks on Upwork...writing proposals from scratch, browsing job feed to look for the next project... let help you with that! 

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Rated 4.8/5 on Chrome Store

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