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Upwork Proposal Writing Checklist 2023 – 11 things every proposal must have

Hello fellow Upworkers!

As a thriving community of professionals, we've all had our fair share of experiences with Upwork proposals. Some bring us fruitful projects, while others vanish into the abyss, never to be seen again. I know how it feels; I've been there too! So, let's level up our game with this engaging and conversational Upwork Proposal Writing Checklist for 2023. Let's make sure our proposals stand out and win us those dream gigs!

Upwork Proposal Checklist 2023

1. Know Thy Client

Before we even start typing that proposal, let's do our homework. Research the client's business, needs, and preferences. We don't have to be full-fledged experts, but let's show we've put in the effort to understand their world. It'll make our proposals more tailored and persuasive.

2. The Art of the "Subject Line"

We all know how vital first impressions are. The subject line is the proposal's handshake, and we need to make it strong and confident. Keep it simple yet captivating, and if possible, add a touch of personalization. Let's not be afraid to get creative!

3. Introduction – Be Human

In a sea of "Dear Hiring Managers," let's be the life raft of genuine connection. Greet the client by their name (if available) and introduce ourselves in a warm, friendly manner. Remember, clients are people too, and they appreciate human connections. Keep it conversational and leave the robotic tone behind.

4. Showcase Your Value

Now it's time to flaunt what we've got! Let's highlight our skills, experiences, and accomplishments that are relevant to the project. Use bullet points or a short paragraph to make it easy to digest. We want to show the client that we're the perfect match for their needs.

5. Personalized Approach

Let's not use a cookie-cutter approach here. Clients can smell a template from a mile away. Instead, let's customize our proposals to address the client's specific needs and pain points. Show them that we've read their job description thoroughly and understand what they're looking for. It's a surefire way to stand out!

6. Inject Some Enthusiasm

Who doesn't love a dose of passion and excitement? Show the client that we're genuinely excited about their project and eager to help them succeed. Let's be the enthusiastic Upworker they'd love to have on their team!

7. A Touch of Testimonials

Social proof is powerful, my fellow Upworkers. If we have glowing testimonials from past clients, let's not be shy to share them. It's a great way to build trust and credibility. Just make sure they're relevant to the project we're bidding on.

8. Mind Your Language

We may not be applying for a proofreading gig, but it's essential to keep our proposals typo-free and well-written. Take the time to proofread and polish our proposals, because first impressions count.

9. Address the Budget

Talking about money can be a bit uncomfortable, but it's a crucial part of the process. Be upfront about your rates and offer a fair price for your services. Remember to justify your pricing by explaining the value you bring to the table.

10. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Wrap up your proposal with a strong call-to-action. Encourage the client to get in touch with you for further discussion or to ask any questions they may have. Make it easy for them to say "yes" to working with you!

11. Keep it Short and Sweet

As tempting as it may be to write a novel-length proposal, let's remember that clients are busy people. Keep it concise, informative,

12. Bonus Tip: The Proposal Supercharger: A Game-Changing Tool

Fellow Upworkers, we have built an invaluable tool to optimize our proposal game! This fantastic tool helps us save, reuse, and customize our proposal templates, including access to premium templates created by successful Upworkers like us. The best part? We can customize each proposal, making it personal and tailored to the client while saving us time and effort. It's a win-win situation, so make sure to give Proposli a try and boost your proposal success rate!


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