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Quick Setup Guide

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Step 1: One click proposals

Create and send winning proposals effortlessly with just one click, and stand out from the competition. Proposli helps you quickly customize professional proposals to match each client's unique needs, boosting your chances of securing more work and earning more money.

Step 2: Job Notifications

Are you tired of scrolling through countless job postings on Upwork? Proposli makes the process much simpler by analyzing job listings and identifying the best matches for your skills and experience. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to your dream job with our instant notifications delivered straight to your mobile or desktop. Don't waste any more time searching for jobs - let Proposli help you find the perfect match!

Step 2: Mobile Keyboard

Time is money, especially when it comes to landing your next gig on Upwork. With Proposli keyboard, you can send proposals on the go with lightning speed and ease. And when you combine it with our mobile job notifications, you'll have the ultimate superpower to snag the best projects before the competition even has a chance to apply. Give your freelance career the boost it deserves with Proposli mobile keyboard!

Step 1: Download Android or iOS mobile app

Step 2: Follow instructions and enable Keyboard

Step 3: When you want to apply for jobs on Upwork all you need to do is to pull up mobile keyboard (It might already be your default keyboard if you chose to) for most devices switching between keyboards happens tapping on keyboard icon or holding down space bar.

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