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Propostas vencedoras do Upwork, simplificadas

Refer freelancers & get paid every month. Earn a lifetime payout of 20% commission for every user who subscribes to Pro

🌍 Share your unique link

You’ll be notified whenever someone subscribes to Pro membership using your link & when they make their first payment.

💰Collect your payment!

Once a month, you’ll receive your full commission via Wise

💌 Sign up for the affiliate program

Use the button below to submit your information.
We process applications 2x a week.
Once you’ve been approved, you’ll get an email from our team with your unique referral link.

🤔 How it works?

🗓 Monthly Payouts

You’ll get a payout every month based on the total subscription revenue from freelancers you’ve referred to

Payouts are processed once a month (on the first Thursday of each month) through Rewardful & deposited into your Wise account

⚡️ Real-Time Updates

We want to keep you in the loop on where your referrals are in the process.

You’ll get real-time updates as...

  • Freelancers that signup via your link

  • Your referrals upgrade to Pro Tier

  • Any referrals that churn

👋 Priority Support

As ambassadors who are talking to communities every day, your opinion is incredibly important to us.

We prioritize new feature requests from ambassadors, and our founding team is available to help support setup & migrations for any communities you refer to us.

Email us anytime:

Join Our Affiliate Program 

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