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Propostas vencedoras do Upwork, simplificadas

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Step 1: Create Free Open AI account

First things first, pop over to the OpenAI's official website. If you're new there, you'll need to make an account.


Don't worry, it's pretty straightforward – just follow the steps laid out on their website.

Now, you'll have a couple of options to sign in. You can either use the email address and password you just set up for your OpenAI account, or you can take a shortcut with your existing Google or Microsoft account, if you have one.

Okay, are you in? Great! Once you've signed in or logged into your account, you should see your name and your little profile picture smiling back at you from the top-right corner of OpenAI's homepage. Easy as pie, right?

Step 2: Generate API Key

Alright, ready to grab that API key? Here's how:

Look for your name in the top-right corner and give it a click. This will open a dropdown menu for you. Spot the "View API keys" option? Go ahead and click on that. We're almost there!


Next up, you'll land on a page with a button smack dab in the middle saying "Create new secret key." If you don't have an API key already, this is your stop.


Click that button to generate a new one.

But listen up, here's the important bit: As soon as you get the API key, make sure you save it somewhere safe right away. Once that window showing the key closes, it's gone for good. There's no "undo" or "open again" option, so you really need to catch it while it's hot. Cool?


Step 3: Head back to account page

Perfect! Now you're armed with your shiny new OpenAI API key. Next, it's time to put it to work.

Head back to your account settings and find the field where it asks for your API Key. Now, paste your key right in there. Double-check to make sure it's right, and then hit that "Save" button. And voila! You're all set.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 11.38.02.png

Is open AI Key Free?

Sure, let's dive into the cost side of things.

As a new user, you get a sweet $5 credit for free. Keep in mind though, this generous gift from OpenAI has a lifespan – it expires after three months.

So, what happens when your complimentary credit expires or runs out? Well, to keep using the API of your choice, you'll have to enter your billing details.

But hey, don't stress. If you choose not to add any billing information, you'll still have login access. The only catch is you won't be able to send any more AI proposals using the Proposli Chrome extension until you sort out your billing details.

We're using the GPT Turbo 3.5 model here. It's one of the most cost-effective models and is perfectly capable of generating AI proposals.

Here's the cost breakdown: 1000 tokens (or words) will set you back $0.002. With your free $5 credit from OpenAI, you can generate around 2.5 million words. That's a heck of a lot of proposals!

Let's do some quick math: if your average proposal is 500 words, you could send somewhere between 2000 to 4000 proposals. Remember, this is a rough estimate, and the actual numbers could vary depending on the length of the job description and the length of the generated AI proposal. But one thing's for sure: you can send a ton of proposals!

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